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  • Aileen Britt

Family Photo Sessions - What Do I wear?

Choosing a wardrobe for your family (or even just yourself!) can be a daunting, frustrating task. You want to look stylish and complementary to each other, without being clones and losing individuality. It’s easy to overthink, but with a few simple tips you can be comfortable, unique, and stylish, while remaining timeless and comfortable for your portraits!

  • Coordinate, don’t match!

You want to complement each other by choosing colors that coordinate, not by matching. That means you can all be comfy in jeans, but please don’t all wear a purple button down shirt! It will be easy to lose everyone in the portrait if you all blend together. Choose different shades of the same color. Take some color from your print dress, and add a tie in that color. Wear a scarf that matches a color in your son's dress shirt. If you have a session scheduled around sunset, a color palette that brings out the beautiful golden hues of the evening will add something wonderful to your photos.

  • Timeless, not too trendy!

Layers can add different looks to your portraits without needing time consuming outfit changes. Maybe you have a light cropped jacket to throw on over a blouse, or a few scarves and hats you can interchange. It’s nice to have options! Avoid clothing with large logos. Again, we want to see you and your personality. I promise I’m not selling photos to GAP for advertising!

The best advice I can give is to start with one person (usually mom or daughter) and choose their outfit first. Build around that. Show your personalities, if your toddler insists on wearing boots, maybe let her! Let’s have some fun and capture your life just how it is at this moment in time!

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